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Rusty Rierson: Links

Record Label

The Record Ranch


My Videos

That's How Sure I Am
Upon This Rock
Something Bout You


 A Don Williams cover song co-starring my friend Kaylee Keller.



Video for my first single Souvenirs. Heartfelt song and video

Let's Ride Some Horses

Theme song for television show "Riding Horses with Kerry Kuhn."

God Must be a Cowboy at Heart

Jim Clements Cowboy Paintings put to Rusty's version of "God Must be a Cowboy at Heart"

Great American Cowboy
A Smile Like That
Green Team Interview

Great job done on a Don Williams cover song. Live in the studio featuring Clayton Williams on the Jimbe. This interview was aired on the Phil Mack International Country Show in Europe on Sky TV.

You Tube Videos


McPherson Guitars


Check out the worlds best made guitar.  Truly awesome people and wonderful to have as sponsors.


Green Jeans Studios

Meet Carter Green at Green Jeans Studios in Wellington, KS. We've done many projects together over the years. If you're a musician, singer, or artist out there and need to do some recording, Carter will treat you right!

Jim Clements Artist

Meet one of the most amazing western artists in the nation. Truly gifted!

Struggling in your Christian Walk? Need advice, encouragement, guidance, hope? My friend Grantley Morris has designed a huge website helping people who struggle with almost anything you can think of.  Visit the site and discover individuals who have struggled with the same exact battles that we all go through and overcome through Christ.