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Rusty Rierson: Music

"Hey Hey Hello"

(Rusty Rierson)
October 1, 2008
Rusty Rierson
Hey Hey Hello

Verse 1
I have watched how the sun comes up, In that big red sky.
And I have seen the sun sink down, In the evening light.
I have seen a lot of beautiful girls, girls looking oh so fine,
But when I first saw you, my heart how it flew; I swore I’d make you mine.

I said Hey, Hey, Hello, I think I mighta seen you before.
The next thing I knew we were hand in hand, out on the dancing floor.
Hey, Hey, Hello I still remember the dance that night
Around in circles, the hours flew by, as we laughed and held on tight.

Verse 2
Now some things in life you can’t understand, and nobody can explain.
You can call it fate or destiny, but the end results the same.
Ain’t no mystery we were meant to be, cause our hearts are 2 of a kind.
I believe God planned the night we met, from the beginning of time!