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Rusty Rierson: Music

"A Heart to Keep Love In"

(Rusty Rierson)
October 1, 2008
Kenny Wallace/Rusty Rierson
My friend Kenny Wallace wrote the original version this song and recorded it about 2 1/2 years ago with the "Prairie Rose Wranglers."

I was working on my 1st album (Demo) at the time and got to meet him in the studio. Kenny has such a deep warm sound, a lot like Waylon Jennings, and I took interest in his writing as well. He recorded "A Heart to Keep Love In" originally as "No Rings, No Strings." I added a verse and gave it a different title so it really is a co-written song.

I just like the message that love is so much more than material things, and you can't capture it in anything but your heart. I think that's why I recorded it.

Thanks for everything Kenny!
A Heart to Keep Love In

Verse 1:
You say we need a wedding ring, A license where we sign our names, and darling, well that may be alright. But I know what is fake and real, and let me tell you if you will I learned some time ago whats wrong and right.

Don't need a...
Ring upon my finger, to remind me that I love you, When Love comes to my mind you're always there. And I don't need no legal papers, or nothing down in writing, its easy to to true because I care. And you can't hold love with a ring, you wear upon your hand, or Keep it in a folder in a box made out of tin. The ring it can be taken, from the finger where its worn. The tin box could come open, and a paper's easily torn. There ain't no place to Keep Love made by a mortal man, so thank the Lord He gave us all a heart to Keep Love In.

Verse 2:
When everyone gets marrried, well they plan the celebration, with flowers, fancy clothes and cake. And when the weddings over, well they fly to far off places, but loves takes more than that for Heaven Sake.

(Repeat Chorus)