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Rusty Rierson: Music

"Life of the Party"

(Rusty Rierson)
October 1, 2008
Rusty Rierson
The thing I'd like to mention about this song is the background noise. I got my mom, dad, and sister Kylie in the studio with me and we actually wrote out a script. We all sat in front of the mic and all talked at the same time. It makes it sound like there's a real party going on!

The giggles are my sister Kylie who thought something was funny and couldn't control herself. It wasn't intentional, but it added a lot, so we turned her up in the mix. We definitely had a ton of fun recording this song!

I feel Bummer than heck,
I feel bluer than blue,
I feel down in the dumps,
Because of You…

But I ain’t gonna let it stop me from being the life of the party tonight,
I Ain’t gonna let your memory haunt me when I’m standing in this spotlight.
It sure hurts that you left in a hurry and you told me I’m wrong and you're right,
But I ain’t gonna let it stop me from being the life of the party tonight.

1st Verse
Last night you told me you were leaving town and there was nothing left to say,
You told me you wished you’d never meant me and wished I’d gone away.
You said you’d found somebody new and he was a friend of mine,
And when you left, I sat alone, callin' your name an cryin'.


(Carter's Amazing guitar solo)

2nd Verse
This time I thought I’d found someone, who’s love for me would stay
I thought she’d always pull me through when troubles came my way
I was gonna buy that diamond ring and a house in the country too.
But then you left with all my dreams, and broke my heart into.