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Rusty Rierson: Music

"Not A Problem Baby"

(Rusty Rierson)
October 1, 2008
Nolan Kroeker
Another song written by Nolan Kroeker. Dedicated to my hero, George Strait!

And played on the Johnny Western show in Wichita.
Not A Problem Baby

Sometimes this world can fall around your shoulders,
And the weight can almost drive you in the ground.
It can wear you down till you feel as if its bound you,
And you think there ain't no other way around.

Not a Problem Baby
As long as you're here by my side, Well I can face the world and take it, stride after stride. Not a Problem Baby,
No I don't mind at all,
As long as you're here by my side my darling I'll be walking tall.

Though sometimes this Ole world turns cold, and it leaves you, in a whirl. Well I don't mind now honey, as long as you're my girl...

(Hot Fiddle Solo- Chase Foster)


Not a Problem Baby.