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Rusty Rierson: Music

"My Island & Me"

(Rusty Rierson)
October 1, 2008
Rusty Rierson
Another song I wrote in Economics class!
My Island and Me

Oh, I wish I had an Island, No-one knew about but me
With a tropic sun and beach, -in the middle of the sea
Without cars or traffic lights; Polite tranquility.
Such perfect peace and quiet; My Island and Me.

1st Verse
My Head is all fogged over, cause I didn't sleep last night.
I'd love to shoot that neighbor's dog, who howls till morning light.
At work my boss he cussed me out, and told me I was fired.
My life is like a country song, I’m sad, alone, and tired.

2nd Verse
I had a girl I used to hold; she said she loved me true,
But then she found another man, and told me we were though.
I just can’t seem to get a break, and life it gets me down,
If I could afford the gas I’d leave, I’m so tired of this town.

-Instrumental Drift Away-

3rd Verse
My banker called and said he was foreclosing on my loan,
He’s repossessed my house; to the streets I will be thrown.
If I could only pay him back then I could make amends.
But what hurts me even worse, he was my best friend.
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