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Rusty Rierson: Merchandise

"Till the Fat Lady Sings" Album


"Till the Fat Lady Sings" is my 2nd album. It has 12 songs on it, most of which I wrote or co-wrote, but it also has the work of a few others. It has a real modern country/big Nashville sound! You can purchase here and its on itunes as well.

"Till the Fat Lady Sings"

"Good Morning Glory" Album - Single


Good Morning Glory is a single about the American Flag. It really is a song that was written for all Americans. There are also two bonus songs on the project, "Cowboy Fever" , and "A Smile Like That." It is available here and also on itunes.

"Good Morning Glory"

"Souvenirs" Album


Country Record recorded in Nashville in 2011.

"Souvenirs"- FREE SHIPPING

"Souvenirs" DVD


"Souvenirs DVD" has the music video for the single and also two bonus features.  One is "the making of" if you will and and other is a western art presentation by Jim Clements put to music. A nice quality video production to go with the cd.


"Contemporary Christian & Country Gospel" album


A compilation of 7 traditional sounding country gospel songs and 3 contemporary worship songs. Available on itunes as well.

"Contemporary Christian & Country Gospel"

"The Reason For the Season" - Christmas Album


A nice collection of traditional Christmas Carols and some with pretty unique arrangements. Also includes 3 original songs.

Christmas CD

What Happened to My Country


New Record (2016) featuring radio singles "Hey Hey Hello" and "Something Bout You".

What Happened to My Country- FREE SHIPPING